Rationales of Ownership

Transactions and Claims to Ownership in Contemporary Papua New Guinea

Edited by Lawrence Kalinoe and James Leach

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FRONTMATTER (full file)

1. Introduction: Rationales of Ownership, Marilyn Strathern (1st page)

2. Mining Boundaries and Local Land Narratives (tidibe) in the Udabe Valley, Central Province, Eric Hirsch (1st page)

3. Disputing Damage Versus Disputing Ownership in Suau, Melissa Demian (1st page)

4. Land, Trees and History: Disputes Involving Boundaries and Identities in the Context of Development, James Leach (1st page)

5. The Bases of Ownership Claims Over Natural Resources by Indigenous Peoples in Papua New Guinea, Lawrence Kalinoe (1st page)

6. Keeping the Network in View: Compensation Claims, Property and Social Relations in Melanesia, Stuart Kirsch (1st page)

7. Combining Rationales from Bolivip: The Person and Property Rights Legislation in Papua New Guinea, Tony Crook (1st page)

8. Global and Local Contexts, Marilyn Strathern (1st page)

ENDMATTER (full file)

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Chapter pdfs, Rationales of Ownership, $7.20 each

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